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Your fans are hard.
Deal with them 🤑

Grow your earnings with Fantools - the Chrome extension helping OnlyFans creators and agencies manage accounts like the 0.1%.


Earn more, engage better, retain subscribers, save time, optimise pricing and more with Fantools.

Fan Prioritisation

Know which fans to focus on based on their spending.

Coming soon.

AI Chatbot

Use AI to chat with your fans, give you inspiration and sell better.

Coming soon.

Message Templates

Get conversations flowing with customisable, pre-typed messages.

Fan Information

Personalise conversations, develop better relationships by saving information about each fan.

Vault Labels

Know if content is reserved for a mass message or a fan by adding labels to media.

Vault PPV Tracking

Never send the same content twice by seeing which vault media has been sent and bought.

Expired Fan Engager

Automatically follow unsubscribed fans and include them in mass messages.

Coming soon.

Expiration Watcher

Get alerted to expiring or expired fans so you can engage them to keep their subscriptions.

Coming soon.

PPV History

See a timeline of PPVs sent and bought to help you optimise what to send and how to price.

Emoji Keyboard

Quickly and easily add emojis to your messages.

Custom Mass Messages

Personalise mass messages with fan details and optimised PPV pricing.

Coming soon.


Create tasks and reminders to help engage more efficiently with your fans.


Invite others to help you manage your OnlyFans creator accounts.


Rinse your fans, not your wallet. Fantools gives you more bang for your buck, and we bang hard. Create an account and get Pro free for 30 days - no card needed.



Free forever.

  • Emoji Keyboard
  • Message Templates
  • Tasks
  • Teams

Pro 💎

$19per creator / month

Everything in Basic and more.

  • Fan Information
  • Export Fan Information
  • Vault Labels
  • Vault PPV Tracking
  • PPV History
  • AI Chatbot (soon)
  • Fan Prioritisation (soon)
  • Expired Fan Engager (soon)
  • Custom Mass Messages (soon)